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  • SuperLiner® This premium plastic sump liner is the attractive alternative to an open sump pit. Perforations in the liner capture ground water, and a larger opening connects to the interior drainage system. The liner's airtight lid keeps out pests and debris, while also eliminating the safety hazard of an open sump pit.

  • Floor drain If a plumbing leak or other unforeseen accident puts water on your basement floor, a one-way floor drain in the lid will allow this water to drain into your sump system.

  • WaterWatch® Alarm If a power outage, tripped circuit breaker or other malfunction shuts down your sump pump, this alarm will sound when water level rises above the sump pump intake.

  • Zoeller cast-iron, 1/3 HP pump Inexpensive sump pumps with plastic housings are prone to overheating and burnout. All Basement Systems sump pumps are equipped with powerful, top-quality Zoeller sump pumps. The unit installed in our SuperSump® is one of the best, capable of pumping up to 2,280 gallons per hour.

  • CleanPump® pump stand This patented stand elevates the sump pump intake port to help prevent clogging, which is a common cause of pump burnout.

  • Check valve Installed in the drain line, this valve prevents pumped water from re-entering the sump pit.

  • Improved float valve Cheap "ball-on-wire" float valves are prone to snagging and other malfunctions. We use only linear-motion float valves for reliable, long-term performance.

Super Sump Package

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