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E.C. Betts & Son - Company History

Started in Beccles, England.

My great grandfather had 5 sons. He taught each of them a trade.

Three of the boys came to the United States around the turn of the century.

Charles (masonry) my grandfather

George (masonry) great uncle

Grosvenor (carpentry) great uncle

After working on some of the brick mills in Chicago and Lowell they settled in Belmont, MA

Here they started - Betts Brothers Builders Belmont, approx. 1915.

Charles went on to become Selectman of Belmont while George and Grosvenor continued building many of the brick homes around the area.

Charles' youngest son Edmund, my father, took over the masonry business from his uncle George in 1956. Being the oldest, Charles had retired by that time.

  I started working in the family business as a 12 yr. old on Saturdays, sometimes it was a half day, sometimes a full day and Dad would always make time for us to go to the local lunch counter. I would get a pastrami sub for lunch, he an eggplant parmesan. That evolved into a full time summer job while in Junior High and High School.

 After graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology with a degree in Build Construction Technology it was on to a full time gig with my dad. As a laborer I learned so much by just watching while getting him mortar, brick, etc.

In December of 1994 Edmund retired to the warm climate of Florida and I took over the business which I operate to this day with a total "hands on" approach to all the jobs we do.

The name Betts, Belmont and Masonry have been synonymous for almost 100 years.


More History to come....


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